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50/50 Film

February 9, 2012
Release date: 25th November 2011 (UK)
    Directed by Jonathan Levine and inspired by a true story, 50/50 follows the first to last moments of Adam Learner and his cancer battle. We see how Adam’s diagnosis affects him and how he deals with it. Pushing himself away from the people closest to him, Adam finds a sense of peace by getting stoned and acting ‘fine’. The thing that really stood out to me in this film was it’s lack of Hollywood glamour and it’s true honesty on how people learn to deal with life changing ordeals.
    Adam pushes his mother away from himself and can’t even find a way to deal with his father as his father suffers with Alzheimer’s. Adam also feels his best friend is just using his cancer to sleep with women by gaining their sympathy. As the film develops, we see how Adam needs to achieve acceptance for his 50/50 chance of living and appreciate the people who surround him.
    The direction compliments the dark humour of the film, with scenes that are not only emotional but also thought provoking. Joseph Gordon-Levitt ([500] Days of Summer and Inception) doesn’t fail to amaze me, as usual, with his outstanding performance that brings layer upon layer to the character and film. Seth Rogan (Superbad and Pineapple Express) plays alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Adam’s best friend. His cheeky character creates a sense of light-heartedness; just as you are on the edge of tears, you find yourself choking on laughter.
    This honest plot reflects the journey people take everyday, trying to come to terms with certain outcomes that feel inevitable. The soundtrack accompanies the emotion beautifully without overwhelming the direction. This film made me laugh, cry and think about how precious the last moments you have with someone can really be. But not all is lost, without giving away too much, this film still has the feel-good factor that makes it legendary.

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